Location and Service Area

Based at McGee’s Crossroads in Johnston County, Stay Clean serves an area bordered by RDU and forming a circle rimming Wendell, Selma, Smithfield, Meadow, Dunn, Fuquay, Apex, Jordan Lake.


Born of necessity during the buy-out, take-over days of the mid 90’s, Gene Stephenson looked at business opportunities and realized the portable restroom industry had some problems that arose from the tremendous construction boom of that era. It seemed that a critical element was missing in the portable sanitation business, namely, being able to find dependable, clean facilities. He started Stay Clean with the intention that the name of the company would tell the simple story of its service aim, to offer clean portable restrooms at a fair price. That remains the Company promise and is responsible for its success

STay Clean INc.

Gene Stephenson
Founder of Stay Clean, Inc.

Brian Dixon

Earl Chrisp